Just came here today. First time at this place. Came here because of all the good reviews. Got Erika today.

Edmonton Massage Therapist is conveniently located and serves the entire Edmonton area. Our goal is to provide the best care possible for each patient seeking relief from injury


We work to recognize the unique elements of each situation and that the individual recovery time varies. Edmonton Massage Therapist provides total rehabilitation to patients suffering from a wide variety of injuries and chronic illnesses.

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Patient Care

Our personalized patient care highlights our commitment to not only healing the body but also paying mind to other aspects of rehabilitation such as motivation, depression, and frustration

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Mobile Massage

We offer a wide variety of treatment options including corporate massage and sport team massage therapy. We are also able to accommodate large groups and high profile athletes as well as high profile individuals.

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Body Massage

When it comes to injury and injury prevention, athletes have specific needs that may differ from other patients. This is why many massage therapists have a specialty diploma in sports therapy.

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